18 May 2006

Republicans once again push forward on Gay Marriage Ban

Ah, it's spring and you can just smell it in the air...... Rove trying to cook up another batch of divisive hate politics to get the far right to the polls come November..... gay rights are center stage once again. So what's next.... the rumblings of civil war or secession as the Fed tries to snatch away the rights of the states. And these are Republicans, the guardians of states rights. Someone wake me in 3 years when all of this is over. And, all we are talking about is "marriage" here..... shouldn't the religious doctrine of marriage be left up to the churches in this country (many of whom already ordain gay marriage). Couldn't we just end the debate.... issue anyone loving couple a simple "union" by the state (both gay and straight) and let the Priests, Rabbis, and the like worry about the marriage issue. This is political football with people's lives...... sickening.


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