20 April 2006

Just the numbers, please...

I like to keep track of what the war is costing the working taxpayer. We roughly have about 185,000,000 taxpayers. If you currently take what the war has cost to date.... it has cost each taxpayer $1800.00 thus far (or on loan so you have to add the future interest costs on the debt which continue to compound and accumulate). And, it is, of course, still rising as the war rages on indefinitely and expensively.

A staggering number if taken in real terms per taxpayer. What could you (or our country) have done with an extra $1800.00 to pump into our own economy. An aside, what if we had reasoned to take that $330,000,000,000.00 (or much less) and invested it in R&D and infrastructure to gain energy independence as other countries are doing. Not only would we have created jobs but our future would hold great promise.

Instead, we are still inexorably tied to the pump and imports.

The next time Bush goes to war (or any other president) maybe we should look at the big picture and see if we can actually afford it.

The day's rumination.


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