17 March 2006

Humpty-Dumpty and all the Kings Men

Our war of choice, that we were told would substantially "pay for itself," has become one heavy burden to bear. Now running at $9.8 billion a month. Meanwhile here on the homefront..... life, as we have come to know it, is falling apart without a social parachute. Who would have ever thought that our reality would have been rewritten so quickly and to such an extreme. In six short years, we have been redefined as a militaristic nation and begun to dismantle our way of life at home via unaffordable health care, crippling debt, an accelerating decline of the middle class, a deteriorating civic infrastructure, the list is long. Is this reversible?

Interesting too that we seem to not be able to afford our hurricane relief..... and the Gulf Coast is still a MESS from what my friends who live there are telling me.

This week, Congress just approved another $78 billion for war costs..... making our outlay to date a whooping $337 billion, folks, and it ain't even close to over yet. And, that is on TOP of the Pentagon's already hefty budget of $440 billion just proposed by Bush. Yes, we cannot afford to fund schools properly, or Health Care, or........

BTW, we only approved $20 billion for hurricane relief. Our President certainly does have a gross set of priorities.

Lastly, Bush has decided to completely cut off any further funding for rebuilding Iraq (again, remember that we were told by Bush & Co that Iraq's oil money would pay for the rebuilding..... another policy that proved deadly wrong). So, as their country lay in ruins and on the verge of civil war (if not already engaged)...... I am sure that much needed stability is not a possibility when the promised resources to rebuild their country have evaporated. We've repeatedly been told that "you break it you buy it"...... unfortunately, the Bush neo-cons underestimated what it would take to put humpty-dumpty back together again. It looks like we cannot afford the fix so we are going to leave the Middle East in a state of disaster and probably Iraq will be engaged in a civil war, overrun by sectarian violence, immersed in right-wing ideology, strong alliances between Iran and Iraqi Shiites, and a veritable breeding ground for terrorism and Islamic extremism. Military experts pin one of the top reasons for the violence in Iraq on the fact that rebuilding has not occurred.

It appears that our ability to get this situation under control is turning out to be a cycle of repeated and increasingly dangerous mistakes and failures.


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