27 March 2006

Ruminating about some possible bumper stickers this morning:

"Bush/Cheney - in it's last throes"

"Bush Cheney - we're hear to listen"

"Bush/Cheney - No worries, we can't run again!"

"Bush/Cheney - the damage is done, we think!"

"Bush/Cheney - vote republican, we have only one way to go and that's up"

"Attack Globally, Overreact Locally"

Or lastly.... "Blame God, he told me to it"

17 March 2006

Humpty-Dumpty and all the Kings Men

Our war of choice, that we were told would substantially "pay for itself," has become one heavy burden to bear. Now running at $9.8 billion a month. Meanwhile here on the homefront..... life, as we have come to know it, is falling apart without a social parachute. Who would have ever thought that our reality would have been rewritten so quickly and to such an extreme. In six short years, we have been redefined as a militaristic nation and begun to dismantle our way of life at home via unaffordable health care, crippling debt, an accelerating decline of the middle class, a deteriorating civic infrastructure, the list is long. Is this reversible?

Interesting too that we seem to not be able to afford our hurricane relief..... and the Gulf Coast is still a MESS from what my friends who live there are telling me.

This week, Congress just approved another $78 billion for war costs..... making our outlay to date a whooping $337 billion, folks, and it ain't even close to over yet. And, that is on TOP of the Pentagon's already hefty budget of $440 billion just proposed by Bush. Yes, we cannot afford to fund schools properly, or Health Care, or........

BTW, we only approved $20 billion for hurricane relief. Our President certainly does have a gross set of priorities.

Lastly, Bush has decided to completely cut off any further funding for rebuilding Iraq (again, remember that we were told by Bush & Co that Iraq's oil money would pay for the rebuilding..... another policy that proved deadly wrong). So, as their country lay in ruins and on the verge of civil war (if not already engaged)...... I am sure that much needed stability is not a possibility when the promised resources to rebuild their country have evaporated. We've repeatedly been told that "you break it you buy it"...... unfortunately, the Bush neo-cons underestimated what it would take to put humpty-dumpty back together again. It looks like we cannot afford the fix so we are going to leave the Middle East in a state of disaster and probably Iraq will be engaged in a civil war, overrun by sectarian violence, immersed in right-wing ideology, strong alliances between Iran and Iraqi Shiites, and a veritable breeding ground for terrorism and Islamic extremism. Military experts pin one of the top reasons for the violence in Iraq on the fact that rebuilding has not occurred.

It appears that our ability to get this situation under control is turning out to be a cycle of repeated and increasingly dangerous mistakes and failures.

05 March 2006

Twilight's Last Gleaming

Twilight's Last Gleaming... By John Cory

Who are these people? These people who line their pockets with the lives of our loved ones? These gray men who lurk in shadows and kill the sunshine of democracy? These people who wear morality like a cheap suit pilfered from the collection plate of decency? Who are these people who have turned America into their own personal ATM machine? These are the people of the lie - Republicans.

Who are these people? These people who sit in spineless silence unable to speak in defense of America? These people who mime the words of our founders, afraid to act with independence? Who utter the words "We concede," instead of "We the People?" These are the people who lie down - Democrats.

Newspapers no longer serve the public, only their corporate masters. They have wedged themselves firmly between the cheeks of power, a tissue to sanitize the bullshit. The media has finally achieved the ultimate self-delusion; broadcasting sitcom politics, and talking points of the throne, it has become the court jester with tinkling bells and curly pointed shoes: useless, untrustworthy, and fused in falsehoods and facades.

This is twilight's last gleaming. Attention must be paid. Democracy is dying.

Bush and Company wants us to be afraid. Republicans sell us fear as they sell out America.

Democrats wait in the wings, picking up their pieces of silver to keep mum. Both political parties capitalize on all the fear.

Democrats think we will become so fearful of Republicans that we will have no other choice but to elect them. That is their incentive. Low profile, quiet acquiescence, and they think their silence will be rewarded.

This is not the time for silence. According to recent polls from Zogby, Fox News, Gallup and CNN, 72% of our troops believe the war in Iraq is a failure and we should withdraw. 64% of the public disapproves of Bush's handling of Iraq. 69% of Americans are against the Dubai Port deal. 52% do not find Bush "honest and trustworthy."

And yet Democrats can find no voice, no fight, no issue to unify them to protect "we the people." Major print and media outlets can find no reason to investigate Republican scandals, bribery and lies, no reason to question an administration that started a war with a lie and failed its own citizens when Katrina hit, by lying about what they did or did not know. Katrina, like 9/11, left the boy king wide-eyed and unprepared. Leader of the free world? Most Americans think not.

When it comes time for voting, here is what I will remember: the silence.

If there is a voice for America, let them speak now. Let them speak for the poor women who not only will find abortion illegal, but will not be allowed birth control and contraceptives. Let them speak for the old and infirm who will not be able to have healthcare and cost-effective drug prescriptions. Let them speak for true family values of providing for our veterans and protecting our troops with proper body armor and ending a false war so no more loved ones have to die for a lie.

But most of all, let them now speak up for the one precious gift that is America - Freedom. Freedom of speech - Freedom to dissent - Freedom from illegal domestic spying. Freedom, sweet freedom for which our fathers, brothers, and sisters have fought and died for over the past 230 years!

Hunter S. Thompson warned, "Big dark coming soon." Big dark is here.

Our Constitution hangs by a thread. Make no mistake, this is twilight's last gleaming. It's time to defend America, not sell it down the river of corporate greed. It is time to stand up, not slink away to fight another day, because there are no more days. The monarchs of mendacity under George Bush are dismantling democracy at every opportunity.

Democrats, you want my vote? Earn it! Get up off your ass and take a stand! Take back America. Stop whimpering. Throw out your Republican-lite Bush lickspittles and suit up for battle. We the people will support you if you speak up for the America we live in and want to preserve. You cannot claim victory simply because you kept the GOP from burying the Constitution while you let them drive it underground.

This is twilight's last gleaming. Who will speak up for America?

John Cory is a Vietnam veteran. He received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star with V device, 1969 - 1970.