01 November 2005

2000: a sad number

As we climbed past 2000 dead Americans in Iraq alone, the military announced the deaths of seven more American soldiers and marines near Baghdad on Monday, making October the fourth deadliest month for troops here since the war began.

In February and March of last year, the American military counted fewer than 200 attacks a week on average. In the first week of this month, there were 723 attacks.

During this entire time our leaders, most notably Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld having constantly bombarded us with propaganda that makes the war looks rosier than is reality. Cheney just a few months ago said: "the insugency is in it's last throes." Or Mr. Bush in a press conference announcing that the training of Iraqi troops was going so well and they had "35 battle read battalions" whereas in reality Pentagon testimony before Congress the very next day was that "only ONE Iraqi battalion is capable of operating independent of coalition support."

Lies and liars. Such is the Bush White House.


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