15 October 2005

the Miers spin....

It does not get any better than what the Bush spinsters are putting out about Miers this week.

1. In trying to manipulate impressions of Bush's nominee.... they wanted to up her ante. When her educational credentials were questioned, they responded that Ms. Miers had gone to the "second best law school in Texas". Not exactly a glowing reinforcement for the highest court in the land where she will be debating with the best legal minds in the country who typically graduated top of their class from the Ivy League.

2. Bush also described Miers mind in a way that he "would know exactly what she would be thinking in 20 years". First of all, what a tragedy that Ms. Miers mind would be not only so beholden to Bush that he "knows" her opinions before she would but it also precludes the evolution, education, and growth of her mind that would be of absolute necessity for a Supreme Court Justice.

Can we just get this woman to politely withdraw her nomination.


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