10 September 2005

Why hasn't Michael Brown been fired?

He's been removed from the scene of the crime, so why is Michael Brown still Director of FEMA?

How incompetent and inept does one have to be to lose his job as a crony of this president?

The ONLY people that Bush has fired in the course of his Presidency are those that exposed the fault lines of his Administration skewed world view like General Shanseki. He was the top General who told Bush that Rumsfeld's strategy for Iraq was wrong. So he was canned.

Consider Michael Brown, whose criminal inaction turned a survivable hurricane into a category 5 catastrophe for the entire Gulf Coast. And now we learn that the ONLY previous emergency management experience on Brown's resume was faked! We all know that Bush is not interested in playing the indictment game, so isn't it time that we finally demand some accountability?

The president said that "Brownie," his pet name for the FEMA director, was doing "a heck of job" in the aftermath of the storm. Of course he also said that nobody could have anticipated that the levees would break. Although dire warnings from every quarter (Governmental and Private) had predicted exactly that looming danger, Bush red-lined their repair and maintenance budgets instead allowing funding of ridiculous pork projects of his 'friends' in Congress. And he put in charge of the agency that would respond to a major terrorist attack a man with no experience and no credentials except as a frat boy bootlicker. Tell your members of Congress that Brown must go NOW, before the next disaster in the making cripples the rest of our economy.


Is there real human responsibility for the Gulf Coast tragedy as well as mother nature? I believe there is....... Bush had the opportunity to do the right thing and fund projects requested to shore up the levees and rebuild the marshlands. Instead he defunded them. Bush appointed an inept and inexperienced buddy to crucial job. And, this was after all the ballyhooing after 9/11 about INCREASING government oversight in this area. Instead Bush administratively emasculated our Homeland Security. Where does the real blame and responsibility rest.......with our President. George W. Bush.

He owes those that live in the Gulf Coast and all American a big apology and begin to undo the horrible wrongs by firing those involved.


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