04 September 2005

Where's Bush.....

So what has our president been doing while the Gulf Coast lies in tatters and millions are homeless or dying?

Let's take a look:

On Monday during the aftermath and carnage of Katrina, he attends two nicely staged events to promote his Medicare policies and a Republican event in beautiful and sunny Southern California and wealthy El Mirage, Arizona. Meanwhile Katrina had struck and our Southern Coast lay in ruins.......while OIL was spiking at $70.00 a barrel amidst wild speculation and prices at the pump across the country were rising.

On Tuesday, he attends other Republican, tightly-staged events in Southern California and flying to Arizona for John McCain's birthday. I didn't even think he liked John McCain.

Then he flew BACK to Crawford for one last night of vacation at his beloved ranch before flying on to the Capital on Wednesday.

He managed to spend a few days in DC before finally heading to see the destruction of Katrina and lending his clout to this catastrophe.

Mr. President, I am sure all those whose lives were torn apart on Sunday evening and Monday morning and the ensuing nightmare of the following week send you their heartfelt thanks that you finally noticed them.......the little people.

All this flying around by our president costs the American taxpayer millions. Money that could be better used to aid the victims of Katrina.

"[The federal authorities] don’t have a clue what’s going on down here." -- New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin, WWL/MSNBC


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