13 September 2005

Spinning the lies from the Federal Level

In the last few weeks, I have repeatedly seen every official possible at every level explain their story and it is amazing to me how the big guy just loves to step on the little guy.
  • First and foremost, it took 5 days before the FED took any action whatsoever. Period. The state and local governments were on the ground, in the trenches, doing all that they could from inside the disaster. They were there representing their citizens. The Federal government was not there representing their citizens.
  • Truth: In my America, the buck stops at the top. Positions are filled with the most qualified candidate. If a CEO does not deliver, he is fired by his stockholders (or the board).
  • Truth: You have heard that there were buses sitting under water in New Orleans and the Fed has tried to spin it that they could have been used to transport people out of the city. Untrue, the buses WERE used to make transport available until it was no longer safe to do so. Finally the highways and bridges were closed and all traffic stopped. Lastly, even if the few, relatively, did leave where were they to go. The inn was full.
  • Truth: The city was 80% evacuated. An amazing feat. The remaining should have been able to be taken care of without much issue if the FED had done their job.
  • Truth: George Bush emasculated FEMA and appointed someone incapable of doing the job. Therefore the job WAS NOT DONE. Under Bill Clinton, FEMA was an organization that had great bi-partisan respect and his appointee ran the organization with excellent efficiency. He also had decades of experience in emergency management. The issue confronting this presidency was non-existent.
  • Truth: The crony organization we are stuck with in Washington represents very few of we Americans. It is an old boy, my pal system of merit based upon who you know. It represents the transferring of power and money to those 'who you know' not those that 'deserve'.
  • Truth: The Governor and Mayor both declared a state of emergency immediately and implemented a mandatory evacuation. They also requested aide from the FED to mobilize prior to the hurricane. Then could not reach the president after repeat calls to White House. He was on vacation and FEMA also would not respond.
  • Truth: The president and his vice president were both on vacation at the same time. Why? And neither bothered to come back to the aide of their people. They stayed on vacation. These are the leaders of the free world. What if FDR had been on extended vacation during Pearl Harbour? Or if a nuclear had erupted during the cold war and the president "could not reached'?
  • Truth: This whole debacle could have been greatly relieved if we had paid attention to the needs of those on Gulf Coast for the last four years. Instead, Bush and Congress redlined every appropriation to this area and funneled the money elsewhere for their own pet projects.
  • Truth: The Gulf Coast is an impoverished area by statistic and did not have the resource to protect itself or respond to this massive catastrophe. They are citizens of the US not just citizens of this region.
  • Truth: We now have photo-ops that are more prevalent than aid or reason or responsibility in this administration. Stop the spin, stop the staging, stop the cronyism,
  • Truth: We need a recall (as in California). This president just does not have the capabilities, talents, or breath of knowledge to do his job. So, let's have a runoff and let Bushie move to his next fantasy job that he doesn't really have to do.
  • Line of the night: Mr. President you govern like Billy Joel drives a car, (Bill Maher).
  • Truth: Finally, how can we be the most powerful nation on the planet both economically and militarily and not have planned or implemented this better. There is no excuse but the wrong set of folks are running things. We have the resource just not the abilities in place. Reminds one of the fall of France during the Revolution when the leaders were spoiled and isolated from their populace. Things got so bad there was a revolt. So far, during this administration, we have had the stock market crash, personal income decline, a terrorist attack, two wars, a record national debt, a record foreign trade deficit, back-breaking record Federal budgets, record pork laden appropriations, record bankruptcy filings, record foreclosures, high unemployment, drastic rise in poverty, rampant cronyism, a tragic divide in this nation, our world image is in the toilet, and we have lost almost our entire Gulf Coast.......all while the president sits idly by......taking extended vacations to clear brush and play golf in the Texas wilds. Did I miss anything?


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