02 September 2005

"The results are not acceptable,"

"The results are not acceptable," President Bush says of Hurricane Katrina disaster relief efforts.

It took our President '5 days' to appear on the ground on the Gulf Coast and be 'briefed'. What is unacceptable is the fact that our President did not take control of what may end up being the worst natural disaster in American history. Only today, 5 days late, is the National Guard pouring into the disaster site and trying to deliver aid and regain order.

Reports are emerging of complete disarray within the federal goverment and no sense of leadership or control or direction. Reports indicate that there were volunteer teams all over our nation ready to deploy to New Orleans and were told NOT to come. Meanwhile the situation continued to deteriorate and these poor, displaced citizens were deprived of basic human needs and exposed to increasingly unsafe conditions.

The Canadian government has also offered physical aid that has yet to be tapped.

While our Commander in Chief was still on vacation and later did a 'fly over' on his way to the capital.....we have had a city and coast in despair.

Mr. President this is completely unacceptable. If we cannot react with more surety and swiftness to a known disaster how are we ever to respond to another terrorist attack? This has been an intolerably long '5 days'.


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