05 September 2005

Reconciliation? Not this President!

As the President's poll numbers reach an embarrassing, all-time low, one would think that Mr. Bush would extend a conciliatory hand to his constituency, his people. He is the President that ran on a platform of the "uniter" yet has done nothing but divide this nation and our Congress. It is a sad statement on who we are that things have to hit rock bottom before Americans take notice. As gas prices climb, an unnecessary war ravages on, Iraq moves further from democracy and closer to theocracy, our budget is busted, our trade deficit crippling, our nation's debt a burden for generations to come, our world reputation in tatters.......the worst hit yet is upon us. Now Americans are needlessly dying in not only Iraq but within or own borders. Katrina was certainly a natural disaster but Bush's lack of response is his personal disaster. This lame duck president has done all he can to destroy everything that it means to be an American by squandering what is best about this great country. As our country labors to deal with the aftermath of our collective tragedy on the Gulf Coast, Bush does not skip a beat in dealing another blow to all Americans by again pushing his personal ideological agenda. An agenda which does NOT represent the views and values of the majority of Americans. With the sad loss of our Chief Justice Rehnquist and existing calls to postpone any nominations and hearings to the high court due to Katrina, our president not only pushes ahead, without conscience, but changed the appointment of John Roberts to that of Chief of the court.

Roberts hearings had not even begun in our capital, yet he was already being assailed for his far right views. The White House had previously declined to let us peer into the workings of this nominee by blocking the release of thousands of Robert's opinions. Again, the president that ran on a platform of "transparency" has not fulfilled his pledge to the American people in hopes to move his agenda by covert and insidious method.
Roberts is someone that the president has appointed to the highest judgeship in our land. A position that entrusts our judiciary to someone that we know little about and has very little experience in matters of the court and of judgeship. He appears do be a pundit and has spent most of his career as a political appointee or in private practice. His is hardly a resume that would defend the rights and privileges of ALL Americans much less our beloved and living constitution.

Why would Mr. Bush once again confront and affront the American people during a time of great despair? Why is he still focused on personal agenda instead of the suffering of the American people, specifically those directly affected by Katrina?

Once more this administration sheds a sad and dark light on all of us and further plunges our country into turmoil. Are we to expect yet another 3+ years of this? A president that is always reluctant to accept responsibility or change of heart does not bode well for us in the latter days of his term.

One would hope that the conscience and duty of those in Congress will begin to stem the tide of radicalism by this president.


At Monday, September 05, 2005 6:11:00 PM, Blogger jazz said...

and don't forget all the republican tax cuts that will do nothing but hinder any kind of ability for the national government to aid the states in such crises.


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