12 September 2005

The President: now let's begin analyzing the Blame game, fact vs. spin.

The President of the United States, George Bush:
  • As they say the "buck stops here"......if you work for a company big or small, you know that when things go wrong it is the guy in charge that must take the heat for those under his command.
  • Was on vacation once again during a national tradedy.
  • Did not come back from vacation for 3 days to assume his duties and 5 days before he actually toured (a few) of the areas directly affected. But later flew right back to Washington.
  • Told FEMA director Michael Browne: "brownie you are doin' a heckuva job" when everyone BUT the President knew that he was not.
  • Had to be told by a lowly aide in the White House about how horrible the disaster was since he was being isolated and kept in the dark by his staff. He learned of most of the problems and response when an aide gave him a newsreel account. Remember, by his own admission, this president does not read the papers or watch the television news.
  • The president admitted today in a press conference that he had listened to his advisors who told him "we had dodged the bullet". He admitted today that he did not realize what was happening or how severe the problem was.
  • The real issue: who the president has hired to run our country. Mr. Bush appointed inexperienced cronies to high level offices within his government.....they had nothing to bring to the table except that they were politically loyal and had helped him in his campaigns. One would think an MBA graduate would know better. For instance: the Chairman of P & G doesn't hire the waiter at his favorite restaurant to be his CFO just because they get you a good table.
  • So, now that our president had to ditch the FEMA chief (of course, never admitting to the American people that a mistake was made, he never does) we now have our administration in spin mode trying to recover. Who is next on the short list of who gets fired? Chertoff? He has put General Honore in charge of the operation (what appears to be good move amongst so many bad ones. Better late than never. No. We have seen these kind of ridiculous screw ups just one too many times. And, when the president was asked about Brown leaving FEMA, he said he didn't know anything as he had not yet spoken to Chertoff. The president unaware of such an important decision: if believable, it is sad.....the American people deserve much better.
  • Now Condelezza Rice has been sent in to take care of things down there (a little more photo-op and to deal with the race issue possibly). Why would we send the Secretary of State who "runs our foreign affairs" to handle a domestic problem under another cabinet department which is run by Mr. Chertoff? Oh, yea, spin time and she is one of the masters.
  • The aristobureaucrats (as they have been dubbed) are in charge. Friendship has no place in government......as we see by the results of late.
  • He joked about his wild days in New Orleans in the midst of the tragedy yet did not even enter the embattled city.
  • Our president is at all time lows in approval by his employer, the people of this country.
  • The White House is obviously more concerned (as always) about the spin factor than truly solving the problem or admitting there even is one.
  • It took repeated appeals and phone calls at almost every level of government until the president payed attention. He was not busy doing other things.


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