14 September 2005

Pepper & Mallory win primary for Cincinnati Mayor

It's Pepper vs. Mallory for Cincinnati Mayor

City Councilman David Pepper and state Sen. Mark Mallory made the cut from a field of seven candidates in Tuesday's nonpartisan primary and will face off on Nov. 8.

"The message is clear: Voters want to see change in the way we do business in City Hall," Mallory said during a victory party at the Millennium Hotel downtown.

Pepper, who will launch a 15-day tour of the city's 52 neighborhoods this morning, said his slogan would be "Get it done from Day One."

"It's too late the day after the election to start thinking about what we do next," Pepper said.

Tim Burke, chairman of the Hamilton County Democratic Party, said he was delighted the city was guaranteed a Democratic mayor - as it's had since 1984. But, he added, "Democrats will have to choose between friends."

Mallory, of the West End, is the son of former state Rep. William Mallory Sr.

Pepper, of Mount Adams, is the son of former Procter & Gamble CEO John E. Pepper Jr.

With Pepper and Mallory in the general election, voters can expect a more nuanced, issue-oriented campaign, said Xavier University political science instructor Gene Beaupre.

"Voters are going to get what they say they want, which is a real airing of the issues," he said.


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