02 September 2005

Mayor speaks out!

I have been listening to a wrenching interview, click this link, by the Mayor of New Orleans with a local radio station. He is "pissed" and frustrated and at wit's end. My heart was breaking while I listened to his desperate and weary words. He is at his breaking point as we enter into DAY FIVE of this disaster.

I ask our Federal Government once again. Where is his AID? Where are the troops? Where is the LEADERSHIP? Where is the Department of Homeland Security? This kind of disaster lies within their jurisdiction. So where are they? Where was the plan to deal with this disaster?

And, please, stop doing all the political press conferences that glad hand one another and pretend that something is being accomplished. The job is NOT being done. Stop the congratulatory bullshit.

Our President has just now arrived at the Gulf Coast. He was briefed at a public appearance this morning in Alabama. Another question: why is he being briefed on DAY FIVE? Was this just another of the White House's pitiful attempts at spin and photo-op? If he just now is being 'briefed' of the situation (which I doubt) then no wonder nothing is really being done to save the coast.


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