06 September 2005

A mass exodus to 12 states in the Union.

Hurricane Katrina has left more than half a million people homeless and hundreds of thousands living in shelters. An official state of emergency has been declared in 13 states in total, enabling the federal government to provide relief money and AID to care for the evacuees. States across the country are taking in refugees, or making plans to do so in the coming days.

In addition the Red Cross is caring for more than 135,000 people at 470 shelters in 12 states.

The exodus has overwhelmed some areas. Hotel rooms are booked up for hundreds of miles around the disaster site, and state authorities have taken over stadiums, military barracks and other venues to provide shelter.

Texas has faced the largest volume of refugees, currently taking in more than 239,000. The state has been able to house thousands in large venues in the city of Houston but is also flying some evacuees to other states. There are also plans to accommodate 4,000 people on cruise ships to help to spread the load.

Unfortunately, but to no surprise, my home state of Ohio and our lame duck, corrupt Governor Taft is nowhere to be found. Guess he is too busy fighting his corruption charges along with this friend US Rep. Ney.


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