02 September 2005

LGBT Relief Fund seeks donations for Katrina

Please be part of the LGBT community's response to the loss and devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina has blazed a trail of destruction throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Thousands of homes have been destroyed and hundreds of lives have been lost. Many of the survivors are homeless and in need of food, safe drinking water, and medical care. It is estimated that tens of thousands will need temporary housing for months to come. RWF has established a fund for donations to help the survivors of Katrina. We are responding with food aid -- donations through RWF will go to America's Second Harvest (ASH), the
nation's food bank network. ASH expects that at least ten food banks and hundreds of related agencies were hit by Hurricane Katrina. Your donations will be used to provide meals and groceries, transport food to survivors, and secure additional warehouse space to assist food banks in resuming and maintaining operations. To donate by check or credit card, click the Donate Today button. Specify "Katrina" when asked where you would like your donation to go. 100% of the funds you donate to the RWF Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund will go toward helping the survivors recover.



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