05 September 2005

Internationally speaking:

International Views of Bush: He Panicked
Sometimes it's good to see how others view us. The headlines say it all:

England: The Week Bush Failed America
Scotland: Bush Panics and Sends in the Marines and Katrina Reveals Truth About U.S. Poverty
France: Le Monde Editorial: Catastrophe Sparks New Debate Over Wisdom of Iraqi War; Le Figaro: A Distressing End to Bush's Summer Vacation
Italy: Storm Reveals Leader Who Divides America
Germany: German Minister Says Part of Blame for Katrina Goes to Bush
India: (Reuters) 'Bush doesn't care about black people, shame on America' and U.S. South Drowns in Bitterness
Australia: Survivor's Fury at Relief Effort

A sad commentary on one of the richest and most powerful nations.


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