19 September 2005


A random thought today: while the 'Republican party' loves to preach and pander their self-interested and self-righteous version of family values and constantly prosyletizes about the evils of the 'gay agenda, choice, women's rights, personal freedoms, religion, human rights, and the spread of democracy, etc'......

..... the contradictions and hypocrisy of their words becomes ever more obvious.

This administration has emaculated our government by stripping it of it's mission and dignity. We have sent our children off to fight an unjust war where many of them have died in vain, as well as many innocent Iraqi civilians, while at the same time they promote the death penalty and vilify a women's right to choose her destiny. I suppose it is okay in their book to bring unwanted children into the world, and at the same time take those very lives.... whether it be by sending them into battle or to the electric chair. (an aside, over 100 people have been exonerated within days of the death penalty, wasn't one innocent life enough).

There are, in my opinion, two ways to approach life in this world. Love or fear. It appears to me that the Republican party has morphed itself into one of fear mongering. You keep control by pandering to the darkest side of the human psyche. Sound familiar: it sounds like a page from the playbook of the fundamentalists. Wait a minute: it IS familiar because the Republican message has been co-opted and scripted by the Republivangilists.

Take, for instance, Tom Coburn (R-OK) passionately preaching during his campaign that the worst thing Amurika faced this century was the evil, gay agenda.

Our latest embarrassment in a long five+ years of embarrassments, is Katrina.....which has exposed not only the rampant cronyism and ineptitude of the republican party but the plight and endless cycle of poverty in our country. The Pope's envoy to the Gulf Coast just issued a scathing statement in disgust at the condition of those lost to poverty and despair in the US, the world's richest. We have given the rich tax cuts while our country is engaged in two expensive wars (do you even remember the other one) and ever-expanding poverty. If you truly were to believe for instance that we are in Iraq for the furtherment of democracy in the region wouldn't we also be as concerned about democracy and equality at home instead of tax cuts.

So the next time the Republigelicals begin dividing us as a nation with their hate speak and false set of values.... just remember that if they want us all to believe that they possess true christian values then they should begin by living by what Jesus truly preached. Love, charity, forgiveness, non-judgment, kindness, etc. I really don't remember him promoting money, greed, hate, discrimination, segregation, and wealth. Talk about priorities.

Their is an old adage that goes: Republicans care more about property while Democrats care about more people.


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