02 September 2005

Highway Robbery!

Get ready America.....for some highway robbery. The price of gas is going up and it is hitting the pump already. I just can't figure out how they were able to drill for that newly expensive oil, refine it, and get it to the pumps so fast. It has only been 4 days since Hurricane Katrina and already the oil companies are screwing us. In some areas of the country, the prices have already topped $6.00 a gallon. Isn't that gouging, Mr. President? Oh, yea, it is your good buddies that are doing it to the American public so guess you won't be reacting too harshly. My advice, gentle reader, is to carpool, take mass transit, stop driving in any unnecessary way, and sell the V8 for a hybrid. Just stop giving these greedy oil companies and our arab captors any more of your dwindling income.


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