09 September 2005

FEMA's Michael Brown replaced by Coast Guard's top Admiral

Finally, Michael Brown is sent back to Washington and someone who appears to have the experience to get things accomplished in a crisis is taking the reins.

It only took Bush a few weeks of back slapping to figure out that political appointees with no experience are not good at actually managing a national disaster crisis.

What is even more frightening is the fact that 5 of 8 of FEMA's top brass are ALL political appointees given their highly paid positions as political payback for help with Bush's campaign. And, we the American people will pay the price (climbing toward 70 billion in FED relief and topping another 80 billion in insurance payout). But, the real price was paid by the displaced residents of the Gulf Coast......who lost their lives in this catastrophe.

Why did it take another disaster for this Administration to stand up and take notice? When is enough for the American people.......to see this Emporer has no clothes?


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