13 September 2005

Equality Ohio Action Center

Equality Ohio Action Center

Who is Russel Johnson? A loner in some fringe group?

No. He is head of the ultraconservative Ohio Restoration Project, and he is busy recruiting 2,000 "Patriot Pastors", building a 300,000-name database, and putting voter guides in Ohio's church pews.

And he's not the only one:

Phil Burress is training 1,000 grassroots activists in each of Ohio's 88 counties.
Rod Parsley is using his 12,000-member church, 1,400-station TV show and new book to make Issue 1 just "the beginning".
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It's painfully obvious: they aren't resting on their Issue 1 victory. Instead, they're using the momentum to build permanent organizations to continue eroding the rights of Ohioans and their families.

Enough is enough.

For years, we've watched these groups with extreme views organize, fundraise, and plan for the long term. We let them take the initiative and set the agenda for debate.

Now it's time for the fair-minded, mainstream people of Ohio to get organized. To take the initiative and to start planning for next year, not next week.

That's where you come in. Over the next two days, I'll be telling you more about an historic effort to protect equality in Ohio—and how you can play a critical role.

Watch your e-mail.

Lynne Bowman, Executive Director

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