13 September 2005

Cincinnati Mayoral Primary today


Encourage your friends, neighbors, co-workers and relatives who are eligible to vote in the Cincinnati Mayoral Primary TODAY, Tuesday, September 13, 2005 to VOTE and VOTE FOR ONE CANDIDATE only! This is a critical election and the top two finishers will square off for the post of Mayor in the General Election on November 8. However, each person can vote for only ONE candidate. Polls are open until 7:30 p.m. and voting takes just a few minutes, so get out there and EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT!

PAY ATTENTION -- Voting for more than one candidate will disqualify your ballot and your vote will not be counted!

* Where do I vote? * Check out the Smartvoter website and enter your street address to see where your nearest polling station is located.

* How do I know who's running and what each candidate stands for? *
Check out the Smartvoter website for a list of candidates and brief biographical and campaign info.

* Where can I find out more about what the media is saying? * Enquirer (Endorsements), Post, CityBeat

* What should I consider when picking a candidate? * The League of Women Voters of Cincinnati has a great guide on what to look for in a political candidate.

* How do I register to vote? * If you have moved since the last election or you have never voted before, you MUST register. If you are not registered to vote in today's primary, it's not too late to register for the General Election on November 8 (the last day to register is October 11). Call 513-632-7000 for questions about voting or to determine your voter registration status.

Again, make sure your vote counts. A ballot which represents an over-vote (voting for more than one candidate) will not be counted! Report anyone encouraging you to vote for more than one candidate in the Cincinnati Mayoral Primary to the Hamilton County Board of Elections at 513-632-7000.


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