02 September 2005

CEO or President?

I was pondering an idea this evening. It popped into my head as I was thinking back on all the mishaps and missteps of the Bush Administration over the last 5 years. I was doing a mental list of their accomplishments (ok, they made the short list there) and their screw-ups (mind-boggling).

How is it that almost everything they have touched has turned to dust? It is actually hard to come up with a scenerio where they don't out perform expectation.....but in the negative result. Is it so hard to make a right decision for this Administration?

For all those die-hard GOP'ers out there that would rather step on an IED than vote off-party, I would ask: "how many of you CEOs and Presidents in corporateland would be willing to turn over 'your' companies to Mr. George W. Bush to run? I anticipate that if you were willing to turn the most important job in the world over to him, you must certainly have the utmost confidence in him to run 'your' company. He will, of course, be looking for employment in a few years so you can snatch him up then."


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