08 September 2005

Bush sends Rice to wade in Gulf Coast high waters.

Rice Shipped to Gulf Coast
Shopping for friendly black faces, Bush regime sends secretary of state down South

Extreme makeover: Rice looked stylish (inset photo) greeting troops last year. But those boots won't work during her current task. I suggest she buy hip waders on her next shopping trip to New York City.
Condi Rice could have put her vacation to good use. But all those shoes she bought at Ferragamo during her vacation (and during the onset of the Katrina disaster) last week in Manhattan won't do her any good in the floodwaters of the Gulf Coast.

If she's really going to try to rescue George W. Bush from the swamp, as she started trying to do Sunday by going to a black church in Alabama, she's going to have to get herself some hip waders, like the ones I fitted her with above.

As to what she says about this crisis, who cares? When we shipped her to Africa earlier this summer, she ignored the crisis in Niger.

So, Bush has yet to answer calls to fire his pal, Michael Brown, so he is just overwhelming us with better media shots.


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