11 August 2005

To journey's end?

As I watched this week's episode of "Six Feet Under"......a very sad, wrenching one where Nate passes and they have his funeral, I was overwhelmed with emotion. Everyone on the show had to deal with Nate's untimely leaving and their own mortality. They had to extract themselves from all the pettiness that surrounded them and wake up to the bigger picture.

The show was a catalyst for me to ponder my own existence......or rather, the existence in which I live. Do we make life much more difficult than it need be? I truly think so. It really does not need to be so painful and dramatic. We create our own realties. We are, for the most part, responsible and likewise need to take responsibility.

The path we choose is exactly that.....one that we choose. Of course, there are factors beyond our control like the actions of others, environmental issues, money, talent, etc.....but we can control to a greater degree how we react to these issues and steer their affect on us.

In other words, we can choose to be happy vs. sad, positive in lieu of negative, active instead of reactive, responsible not irresponsible. You get the idea. Our lives are ours to shape, mold, and evolve. We can feel sorry for ourselves, or not. We can smile and affect our lives with kindness, compassion, charity, and love.

Why don't we? As I look out on the world around me, I am amazed at how much drama seems to exist in everyone's lives and how much of it is avoidable. I will take that one further......many times the drama is self-induced. Why does it make some feel alive to hate, to be bitter, to wallow in self-pity or anger?

I am totally confounded at times when people are bitchy, or cruel, or rude, or chronically unhappy.

From the person who feels so entitled that they cannot say thank you or respond to an invite or lack even the most basic social graces........ to the self-engrandized foreign policies of our country and the blind arrogance that allows us to so transgress into others affairs (if it somehow benefits us).

Is it so difficult for us all to find empathy and compassion. To try and allow for diversity, difference, non-judgement.

Why is it so empowering to demean or belittle? Instead of heeding and embracing life.....this path is one of avoidance and substitution. As long as it is about something else......we do not have to peer too deeply into ourselves. The path of self-righteousness is a lonely and dangerous one for the soul.

From my view, it is so much more fulfilling to be gracious in this world, know the right path, but, more importantly, to admit to myself when I have traveled the wrong one. Being able to see life more clearly has to begin with honesty and integrity.

That clarity will begin to set you free.

I pledge to separate myself from the dramas and selfishness of life.....to try and make wine instead of vinegar.

A smile, pat on the back, and the expression of warmth, support, and respect are some of the things that make life complete and satisfying.

Our destiny lies in our hands.......make the journey a positive and uplifting one.

Smile and look ahead of you......what do you see? It's your future for the taking.


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