18 August 2005

Tennis anyone

We went to the ATP last night mainly to watch Roddick and Ferrero's match. And, we were not disappointed. Ferrero had Roddick on the defensive throughout the first round and beat him. Unbelievable. Then the next two rounds Roddick pulled it out. Very close in all three though. Roddick's serve is simply amazing, and as the game progressed he kept getting faster and more accurate. He was hitting around 130 to 15o mph on his serves, aceing more than once. Since I tend to cheer on the underdog, it was hard to watch the crowd so pulling for Roddick. Poor Ferrero, imagine being on that court and not feeling the crowd. But, he put on an excellent show regardless.

Our seats were great, thanks to Cynthia, she pulled in some excellent tickets through her company. Love ya, Cynthia, you take such good care of me, baby. And, in her inimitable style, she, of course, had VIP everything for the evening. That girl only lives one way and that is first class.

We saw many friends out for the tournament. It was a social mecca for Cincinnati for a Wednesday evening.

Lastly, did I mention how incredibly great Roddick looked. HOT. HOT. HOT.

What a great night in Cincinnati.



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