05 August 2005

the o'reilly mis-factor

I am sitting here watching Jon Stewart.......love him. And, sometimes cannot believe the outright stupidity and lack of intellect and character of some of the right-wing pundits (read: FOX). He just showed some clips of Bill (self-righteous) O'Reilly......talking about torture and human rights. Is this guy truly as gross, immoral, and bereft of conscience as he appears or is it just a gross sideshow......or maybe both.

The clips showed O'Reilly lecturing John McCain on torture and accused those that defend humanitie's mandates and treaties (as a nation of laws and 'values') no better than the terrorists. Yes, O'Rielly actually called those defending these rights and institutions "terrorists." At this point, if I had not seen the idiot spew the actual words I would not have believed that anyone would stoop to such disgusting theatrics. And, to associate such an honorable gentleman as John McCain with terrorism and lecture him on not "understanding" the nature of terrorism is beyond belief. If anyone gets it......it is John McCain. When John McCain tried to explain why the techniques do not work.....O'Reilly cut him off and told him that he had it on good authority that the techniques of torture did work and were accepable.

Interestingly, of the thousands that we have detained around the globe less than 100 have actually been charged with any crimes. Not to mention the despicable tactic of shipping detainees off to torture centers in other countries (like Egypt).... far from the 'meddling' of human rights groups like the Red Cross.

Who are we becoming in this country? Have we truly begun to lose our soul? What are American Values in this day and time? We have lost 21 Marines just this week in Iraq in horrible bomb attacks in a war proposed under false pretense. My prayers go out to their families. They died honorable and gave their lives for an administration that is far less than honorable.

God save America.


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