16 August 2005

Harris.....god save the Floridians.

Katherine Harris just announced her run for the Senate in Florida......and even the Republicans don't want her. Is she damaged goods ever since she aided in screwing with the elections in 2000? Remember that nasty little recount, the trouble at the polls where people were wrongly turned away, and of course the coup d'gras where Ms. Harris allowed Republican workers access to voters records prior to the election. Btw, this was illegal besides being unethical. This lady represents everything that is wrong with American politics. And, head's up Floridians, you better get out the vote or she will be your person in the Senate.

Loved this article from SLATE......so I am reposting part of it here:

Conservative idol Rep. Katherine Harris announced her own Senate candidacy in Florida this week. Harris says she's deeply hurt by how press coverage of the 2000 recount misled the nation into thinking she was shallow, partisan, and obsessed with makeup. To dispel that impression, she staged an announcement that was shallow, partisan, and obsessed with makeup.

In her announcement speech, Harris called herself "conservative but progressive, pro-small business, pro-economy, and anti-tax." She attacked Sen. Bill Nelson as "one of the most liberal" Democrats in the Senate. Harris told reporters, "I'd like to say I trail by an eyelash" and recalled her childhood as a time "when blue eyeshadow was quite the fashion."

No one could fault Harris for wanting to change her image from 2000. But those crocodile tears are smearing her mascara. Harris knows that in this race, as in her election to the House, her 2000 image is all she has going for her. Her website says as much, boasting that Harris "already benefits from tremendous residual name I.D."

Residue Is Destiny: Harris has herself to blame for partisan scars from 2000. If she wants a second look, she'd do better to highlight an area where she has a right to be angry: the concerted efforts by an ungrateful White House to keep her out of the race. GOP strategists continue to hold out hope for a better candidate, just as they maneuvered to pave the way for Senator Mel Martinez in 2004.

The only comment from Gov. Jeb Bush, who put Harris in harm's way in 2000 and was still recruiting someone to run against her a week ago, was: "I hope Congresswoman Harris runs a strong campaign." With friends like that, who needs makeovers?


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