31 August 2005

Flying the unfriendly skies....?

For those that fly often, you are going to feel the pinch the worst. Airline jet fuel prices have already increased 22% in just two days (Gouging? You decide).

The worst hurt will be Delta followed by Continental and American. All three get a large portion of their fuel from the Gulf Coast refineries which are completely shut down with no sense of when they could possibly be online.

Also as fuel prices for cars rise across the nation......no one is left untouched by Hurricane Katrina. Is someone higher up trying to tell us something about our wasteful and selfish ways?

At least this will hopefully make all of America.....step back and take a good hard look at itself and make much needed changes in our energy policies and the reliance we have on foreign imports.

Ready to trade in that hummer you use to go to the supermarket for a gallon of milk?


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