31 August 2005

AID information....

The Red Cross has already set up a disaster relief fund. 1-800-help-now or www.redcross.org That is my preferred fund. They did an excellent job during 9/11.

Lastly, the looting and lawlessness continues. Unfortunately, many of the deployed Louisiana National Guard are in IRAQ (over 3000) so it is reported that troops are in short supply for this disaster. The Governor is asking for help from other states to help seal and protect the city of New Orleans and the surrounding areas and MP's have been pulled temporarily for this purpose. Apparently, the President must issue a special order allowing US troops to help in this devastation (due to there being a lack of National Guard troops available). The President is still on vacation and has yet to authorize troops as of this posting.

Keep in mind that many employers offer matching gift programs which may double your contribution. For those of you that work for companies that do not offer these programs, I suggest you find a friend that does and benefit from these programs. Simply combine your contributions. Contact your public affairs department to inquire.

The Red Cross and Salvation Army have already deployed to the area and are distributing million of meals and water to homeless. They have already forecast that the costs involved will far exceed that of the back to back hurricanes that devastated Florida.


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