04 July 2005

We would have been fried without the French....

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Independence Day.....and what a mess.....

Two of my heroes are Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.....both Ambassadors to
France and both responsible for bringing us the reality of the 4th of July. Franklin's thoughtful, prudent, and 'diplomatic' ways convinced the French to enter the war and BACK our fledgling colony with both their troops and money. The war would have surely been lost if it were not for the intervention of the French. Ironically, their own revolution was precipitated by ours since we did a handy job of bankrupting the French treasury and their private banks. We left their country broke (and we were unable to pay them back), the people starving, and the monarchy ready to roll (heads that is).

Franklin acheived much in playing the role of the charmer, socialite, ladie's man, man's man, intellect, sophisticate, but most importantly, diplomat. He single handedly won the French over to our cause and saved the birth of a nation. Why am I thinking about this while we prepare to celebrate our Independence? Because today we could not be more starkly different than Franklin (and Jefferson's) vision of foreign policy and attitude.

Our current approach to this increasingly smaller world is one of blind arrogance.

When I read GHW Bush's book, he details Desert Storm and the reasons why he did not move further into Iraq......even after we had leafletted the entire Southeastern portion of the country asking the citizenry to "rise up" and "oppose" Saddam.......

Saddam later retaliated against those that dared side with the Americans. Once again......our foreign policy was short-sighted and self-interested. A sad reality and one that tells us why no one trusts our intentions.

And, as for the record breaking budget, record breaking deficits (both trade and Federal), cronyism, nepatism, ridiculously escalating health care costs, religious zealotry, insane appointments, an insane and illegal war, and one could go on and on.......I really do not understand why there has not been a mass revolt.

Even most of my Repub friends have begun to face reality. I believe my Father has even come to realize what an awful agenda and crony organization surrounds and plagues this President. And it is entire other conversation to discuss their self-interested and self-righteous attitudes.

That we suggested impeachment for Clinton on a technicality (it was NOT our business to pry into his private life in my opinion).....then what should the punishment be for the laundry list of mismanagement and deceit being propagated by Bush.

This corrupt, illegal, unaccountable, pathetic Administration (and I am being nice) should be deposed.......and what is frustrating to me is the lack of real concern by most that I speak to about this. No one seems to care. As if all are sitting on their lazy, comfortable, non-thinking, spoiled asses.......too caught up in their moment to be bothered that our way of life and who we are is being ever more increasingly dismantled.

That I do not get! Why isn't everyone outraged? And, if we cannot rely upon Congress to rise to the occasion (and get Repubs to pay attention to their true responsibilities, duties, and party principles)......can there be alternatives? Can we as a people get this guy impeached?

And, now, on the horizon we are facing increasingly incendiary appointments to the judiciary, a deplorable world image, a continued assault by the far right........etc, etc, etc.......

What a mess. And my blood pressure is rising.

Recommended reading:
A Great Improvisation : Franklin, France, and the Birth of America
By Stacy Schiff
Release date: By 02 April, 2005